Through the relationship that is created between us, social and emotional isolation, fear, denial, lack of clarity, lack of awareness of feelings, paralysing self-doubt and self-rejection are all blocks to you accessing your potential that we can change together.


Relationships are hard. The two of you are each others world and yet you have become worlds apart. Whatever has happened between you, progressing with constructive and meaningful dialogue can sometimes feel impossible. Having someone mediate and be alongside to negotiate this storm can really make the difference.


We all have those points in our lives where everything feels bleak and even the simplest task insurmountable. Or maybe your default thoughts and expectations all lean to the negative and you always expect the worst. I have extensive experience working in this area and can help you to get to a completely transformative position of clarity and confidence.


With a lifetime of experience dealing with this issue, I know this subject inside out, and yet it mystifies. All I can say is your addiction wants you alone so it can thrive and ultimately destroy you. Don't let it. I offer you empowerment and freedom through a skilled and knowledgeable experienced relationship.


We are built for relationship, we develop from day one and throughout the lifespan through relationship. I believe that most wounds of the psyche and our ways of adapting to adverse conditions develop through relationship. I believe equally as much that such adjustments that later prove to be problematic can be overcome also through relationship. 

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy draws upon  a multitude of different traditions which together provide an effective and robust approach to resolving presenting issues. The therapeutic relationship I offer has helped many along the path to healing and mental health.


There is no way of getting away from what has happened. Even when we try to run from it, maybe to survive, the affects of our experiences stay with us.  When we stop running, trauma or abuse can be difficult experiences to look back on. I can help you face these experiences and gently guide you to come to terms with how they have affected you and to find a healthy way to move forward.


All of these issues tend to be interlaced. But this one may be the mother of all dis-ease. At the heart of pretty much all psychopathology is SHAME. An inherent sense of the self as never being good enough. 

Healthy shame stops you from doing understandably shameful things. Toxic shame, when triggered, might make you feel two feet tall and even make you feel you lose the ability to think straight.

It is crucial that you get another perspective from a warm and understanding ear. This is not your natural state, the way you are meant to be, you are not meant to merely survive, with some support you can do so much better, you can and will thrive.


This modern world is demanding. With so many rivers running out of us we can run dry. Perhaps overwhelmingly intense emotions follow. This all points to burn out and break down. I can help you manage your emotions and take back control.


I imagine you have a lot to be angry about. It is normal and healthy to have this feeling. But maybe it is spilling out of control and causing you or others harm, perhaps for you literally self-harm. Your anger needs an out, and it needs to be connected with a cognitive understanding that can give you power over this feeling like never before.


Has your life become dominated by worry? Are your every day decisions informed by fear and lack of self-worth? We can sit down and acknowledge the full extent of this. As you grow in awareness of what is really happening and the reasons behind it all, you can begin to challenge many of your assumptions and irrational beliefs. This shift in your thinking alongside my support leads to behaviour change and significant reduction of anxiety,


Group therapy offers the amazing opportunity to connect in a wider mutually supportive environment. Although it may feel intimidating to share yourself with strangers it is actually an incredibly rewarding experience. You will come to realise you are not alone in having difficulties in life and hearing feedback from a range of perspectives can be very insightful. The shared goal of personal development can be inspiring and motivational, a place to learn about yourself and re-engage with people.

As facilitator of the group it is my role to assist each group member to use the space effectively. I am experienced in keeping the group grounded and contained, meaning this is a safe, confidential and respectful place to grow in many useful areas.

© 2018 Liam Grimsey BSc (hons)